My Services

All of my services are designed with the fundamental aim of increasing understanding of autism spectrum conditions.

Speaking at conferences / events

I have spoken at a variety of conferences and events (including national and international) about my educational research and about my experiences living with autism, and teaching those with autism.
These include: Addressing Autism/Asperger Syndrome Conference - Communication: The Key to Success. Held at Edge Hill University, June 2013. 7th International Conference.
My talks can be tailored to a variety of audiences, including professionals, parents, young people on the spectrum, and those who would like to find out more about autism.
As such, there is much scope for the topic of the presentations.


As with speaking at conferences and other events, my training sessions can be for a variety of different participants, including parents, teachers, other education professionals, healthcare professionals and charity workers.
Training sessions can vary from general topics such as:
  • What is autism?
  • Autism awareness
  • To more specific topics such as:
  • Supporting students with ASC
  • Sensory sensitivities
  • Applying for jobs and interview preparation
  • Coping with anxiety
  • Behavioural issues
  • The training sessions are interactive and designed to give practical strategies for participants to take away with them.


    I also provide mentoring services for adults and young people who have high functioning autism / Asperger syndrome. My speciality is females on the spectrum.
    Potential clients may refer themselves to me, or mentoring could initially be suggested to them by friends or family who have attended one of my talks or training sessions. Prior to commencing mentoring with a new client, I will meet them to discuss how it will work and to talk through any queries.
    The unique aspect of my mentoring is that it is for people with ASC by someone with ASC. As such, I have a working knowledge of many of the effects of autism and can talk through these with my clients in an understanding way.
    This would usually take the format of a regular mentoring session which may focus on specific areas or for the client to learn more about how autism affects them in general.
    As each person with ASC is an individual, so are my mentoring programmes; and they will always be led by the needs of the client.
    I am supervised by a Chartered Psychologist.

    Bespoke services

    In addition to the general services which I provide, I am also very happy to design bespoke services tailored to specific needs.
    These include new training programmes for local authorities, training and support services for charities and their service users, and support for families and individuals.