Ann Englert writes ...

As a teacher myself, I have nothing but complete admiration and wonder for this young lady, Amanda Hind.
Having learned in passing, not by being aware she had a problem, that she, herself, suffers from Asperger's Syndrome, I listened recently, to a fantastic talk given by her. It was so well constructed, excellently researched, personally moving and very clearly presented. Many people are totally unaware of autism in all its forms and as someone who had, within my family, an Asperger's sufferer and within my circle of friends, 2 children with Dyspraxia, her talk brought home, how difficult life can and could be, as a sufferer, but not insurmountable.
This young lady has certainly not let her condition deter her in any way. She has taken it and all its effects on board and made a career of understanding others who have the same or similar condition. She doesn’t feel sorry for herself. She has studied the condition. She offers help and guidance, understanding, positivity and hope to others. No problem appears to be too great for her to offer help and support. She is cheerful, generous and an excellent speaker on this subject, which is so very close to her own life. "Triumph over adversity" would be a perfect adage for her and I am sure over time, she will have helped many, many people and children and perhaps, even rid much of the stigma of these often quite hard to understand conditions.