Paul Isaacs - Speaker, trainer, consultant and author on the autism spectrum (2016) writes ...

"Amanda shows a deep empathy and passion for what she does and this shows through her depth and knowledgeable presentation about autism and education. Her solutions are practical, accessible and rounded so that people can think about the foundations of education and how to make empowering changes that benefit the persons in question."

Ann Englert (attendee at "What is Autism" March 2014) writes ...

"As a teacher myself, I have nothing but complete admiration and wonder for this young lady, Amanda Hind."
"She offers help and guidance, understanding, positivity and hope to others."
"She is cheerful, generous and an excellent speaker on this subject"

Margaret (2014) writes ...

"Amanda was a guest speaker at a Ladies' Club that I attend, and she spoke to us about Autism for an hour. We were all enthralled at what she had to tell us, and several ladies were delighted to get answers and information to help them with their children / grandchildren.
Due to public demand and interest the Club have asked Amanda to return for a second evening."

Maggie Williams, Therapist writes ...

"It is a privilege to introduce you to Amanda"
"...because of her skills and abilities she is filling a huge void..."
" a pleasure to have Amanda alongside..."

Lynda Heath from Havering's Parents in Partnership information, advice and support services writes ...

"Amanda is able to connect with the parents on a very genuine level"
"...using real life experience to explore challenging and emotional issues..."
"...received 100% positive feedback from our parents..."