About Me

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My name is Amanda Hind and I have Asperger Syndrome.
I have two secondary school aged children. My son was diagnosed with Aspergers when he was four years old, and my daughter was diagnosed with an ASC aged 13 years old.
I am a qualified teacher, and have taught in primary, secondary and special schools. It was during the early years of my teaching career that I noticed signs that my son may be autistic, which led me to seek assessment with the aim of getting him all the support and help available. As a teacher, I became increasingly interested in helping children with special educational needs, especially those on the autism spectrum.
I was diagnosed as an adult. As with many adults with Aspergers, it was understanding my son and how Aspergers affects him that led me to request assessment for myself. The process of deciding to seek assessment, the assessment procedure itself, and the few months following diagnosis, were a particularly interesting period of my life!
I have also carried out postgraduate research into children with Aspergers making the transition from primary to secondary school. I am very interested in Aspergers and education, in particular how girls on the autism spectrum experience school.
I have a unique perspective and understanding of living with an autism spectrum condition due to my diagnosis of Aspergers, my children's diagnosis, and my experiences as a teacher and researcher. I have lived and breathed autism for several years now.
My aim is to help other people develop their understanding of autism spectrum conditions, and to understand what it is really like to live with autism; and so I offer a variety of services to meet a wide range of needs.
Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Please feel free to contact me with any queries or comments.


Certificate in Higher Education - Psychology
BA (Hons.) - Education Studies and English
Postgraduate Certificate in Education - Primary Teaching
Postgraduate Diploma - Practitioner Research in Education
Master of Teaching (Distinction)

Professional Activities

May 2013 - May 2014
Havering Adult Autism Steering Group member.
November 2013 onwards
Havering Learning Disability Partnership Board member.
August 2015 onwards
Havering Autism Hub Steering Group member.
December 2015 onwards
Havering Autism Partnership Board member.